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BASIC Stamp Educator's Course at Parallax in Rocklin, California on August 15-16, 2000
Educators: spend two days at Parallax learning how to interface and program BASIC Stamps for your Fall classes. Review information about the class and register today. Learn from Parallax BASIC Stamp techies. An excellent opportunity is promised!  

Whisker Kit for your Boe-Bot

All it takes to add bumper switches is some springy wire, a couple of standoffs and screws, and two 10K ohm resistors. Do it yourself with our Whisker Kit documentation, or purchase our $15 Whisker Kit (#28134) on-line.

Learn Industrial Process Control with a BASIC Stamp!

Industrial Control Text
Industrial Control (198 pp.) teaches the basics of industrial process control. The text introduces the use of mechanical and digital switches (using a fan as a tachometer), process control with on-off, differential gap, and PID (using a desktop heating system). The text has several realistic low-voltage examples, and demonstrates the same concepts using high voltage.  

Written by Marty Hebel and Will Devenport of Southern Illinois University. Download or buy a copy of the Industrial Control text today! Requires Board of Education Full Kit.
Industrial Control Parts Kit 
Process control concepts are taught using a desktop heating system. With a resistor as a heater and an LM34 temperature sensor, you'll model a full-size project. Fan provides external disturbance to this closed-loop system. Review the Industrial Control Parts Kit.


Industrial Control Diagnostic Software: StampPlot Lite 
Simply insert a "debug" command in your BASIC Stamp program and you can graph/log data with StampPlot Lite. Produced by Selmaware, this utility is free for Parallax Stamps in Class customers. It's an integral part of the Industrial Control series. Download a copy. 


E-mail Stamps in Class, or call us toll free (888) 512-1024 in the U.S., and (916) 624-8333 outside of the U.S.  
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